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you would like to achieve in 2022?

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What do we want to achieve in 2022?


Listen more! We never listen enough

What I want for 2022 is something which is not much and which seems so simple and obvious and yet so difficult. Simply a world with more tolerance, benevolence, common sense, more empathy, more attention to the other.


Working on these things obviously counts for me. This is one of my 1st resolution for 2022


I wish everyone can turn their ambitious dreams into reality. And it goes without saying that I like to help people achieving this when talking about careers. My personal ambition is to run minimum 1000km this year and to finally start with yoga. I want to make it this year to New York and a sunny adventurous destination as cherry on the pie.


Faire grimper mes interlocuteurs à l’échelle de la motivation! Atteindre la congruence: l'alignement de cohérence entre mes idées et mes valeurs, mes émotions et mes actions


"Een no-nonsense mentaliteit en gemoedelijkheid typeren mijn aanpak, naar verluid. Hoe dan ook, het nieuwe jaar zal niks veranderen aan mijn waarden: respect, beleefdheid, menselijkheid, welwillendheid, authenticiteit en eerlijkheid zijn ook in het professionele leven bepalend. Zonder verwachtingen, maar met veel dankbaarheid en voldoening bij wederkerigheid."


My wish for 2022 is that happiness becomes the dominant variant! The word "Positive" has taken a different meaning over the past two years and I would like to bring it back to where it belongs! Spreading good vibes for 2022. 


"Qui n'avance pas recule". Pour s’épanouir et évoluer dans son travail, se sentir utile et créatif, il est important de se lancer de nouveaux défis. Tous ces nouveaux challenges ne se réaliseront peut-être pas, mais vous serez fiers d’avancer et d’obtenir certains succès.'' 


This year, I will spend more time in the kitchen! Cooking more will allow me to be more mindful about what I eat, to take more time for myself and to save money ;-)


In 2022 I hope to give love to everyone who gives it to me



In 2022 wil ik meer aandacht besteden aan de gezondheid en harmonie van body en mind. Wat dit concreet wil zeggen? Minstens 30minuten beweging per dag en elke dag de juiste portie fruit en groenten eten!


Since 29 years, we recruit, coach and evaluate your Sales, Marketing & Management teams.

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